Japan International Youth Ballet

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International Youth Ballet Regulations of a society

Weak [ of the mind and body which can be said also as the influence from
distortion of the society of these days ], egoism, spiritless youth It lets
the art of a dance and ballet pass to leave, and they are revival of better
humanity, and a viewpoint of a global scale. I want to aim at the character
building to stand.
The Purpose

1. This organization shall give a dance good for the youth who bears the future, and ballet education, and shall support unstintingly to training of healthy and rich mind and body through the place of art activities.

2. Build overseas exchange and exchange better, develop joint activity mutually, and it is bring up about an international view and sensitivity.

3. Hold an exchange public performance with the students of an overseas
ballet school.

4. Bring up the dancing artist who can contribute in international

The people who have social status other than the ballet persons concerned to the chairman (capability to raise a fund) are desirable.
Cover the operational expenses of this association
by a fee, contribution, etc.

When insufficient, representation decides to compensate provisionally.
Don't establish an ordinary general in particular but
it aims at understanding of a difference intention for a meeting at any
Special agreement
  In the future, a NPO etc. is aimed at.



Composition member


Kenichi HORIE





Rules and Regulation of Japan International Youth Ballet

The students who were admitted into Japan International Youth
Ballet(JIYB) have the right to take lessons twice a month.
The students are required to be conscious of their duties and
responsibilities as members of this association, and to practice hard at
their daily lessons.
Students’ rights to take lessons are lost in the following cases.

* Students who show little sign of improvement in four months of
* Students whose behavior is inappropriate as members of this
* Students who cannot maintain their health as a dancer. Their weight is
measured every three months.
* When the teachers conclude it necessary to take away the student’s
right to attend the class.
* Students who are often absent from the lessons. (Unavoidable
circumstances such as events at their own studio or school are excluded.)




Time of lessons

The first and the third Sundays.
(It can be changed according to circumstances)


      Primary Class

10:0011:30 (Lynn’s class 11:45)

      Intermediate Class


      Advanced Class



Lesson attire designas you like

pink tights and pink shoes

leotardPrimary Class   white, off-white

Intermediate Class     light blue

Advanced Class       black

All other accessory wears are forbidden

Monthly fee is 3000 yen and the air conditioning expense is 1000 yen
per year. Please pay the monthly fee for six months and the air conditioning

Headquarters of this association

4-65-12, Kashiwa-cho, Tachikawa-City, TOKYO JAPAN
  (81)-042-537-4731   (81)=JAPAN




Japan International Youth Ballet

Japan International Youth Ballet

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